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Resilience is an increasingly high profile issue as evidenced by

government reports such as The Character and Resilience Manifesto,

academic studies and a constant presence in the media.

Why is it so important?


The message is that young people should be encouraged to develop resilience as this will have a major impact on their academic success but also provide them the skills to thrive in life and in the labour market.


Importantly for the school, resilience development of soft skills leads to hard results. Resilient children and young people are highly motivated, creative and engaged. With a growth mind set, they embrace challenge, employ greater perseverance and seek solutions.

Collectively, resilient children and young people help the organisation achieve increased academic productivity and a dynamic emotional culture.


Performance excellence and talent sustainability are optimised.


The Resilience Results Approach to Resilience Development

The Resilience Results model has been adapted for children and young people.


These models encapsulate current thinking within the field of Positive Psychology and illustrate that resilience is not a single skill, but rather a variety of skills and coping mechanisms that can be developed to provide both individual and collective benefits...

The Resilience Results Model (Children)

The Resilience Results Model (Young People)

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“The good news is that resilience isn’t a fixed personality trait; we’re not born with a set amount of it. Resilience is a muscle we can help kids build.”


Sheryl Sandberg - Chief Operating Officer - Facebook


What We Offer

Analysis | Training | Coaching | Psychotherapy

We offer analysis, training, coaching and psychotherapy underpinned by these models. This is the Resilience Results Toolkit.


Using this toolkit Resilience Results works collaboratively with you to understand the resilience development needs of the students and the school. Utilising specially designed questionnaires and training tools we adapt the toolkit to tailor a solution to your needs.


We will Measure Develop Optimise and Restore Resilience.



Fortifying Resilience

Parenting and leadership programme

Children observe and imitate those around them and model their behaviour accordingly. Resilient behaviour exhibited by parents, teachers and other influential adults can re-inforce resilience learning in children. We adopt an end to end approach to resilience development, encouraging influential adults to consider and optimise both their own resilience and the way that they lead, teach or parent.


A thriving  culture of resilience can be fostered by utilising our individual, leadership and parenting resilience development programmes for adults.