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What is Resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to think, feel and behave in a flexible and adaptable manner and sustain wellbeing and growth in times of challenge and change.


Resilient individuals are highly motivated, creative and engaged. They embrace change,  learn from set backs and seek positive solutions. An elevated sense of wellbeing and job satisfaction is present.


Collectively, resilient individuals form resilient organisations who benefit from greater engagement, innovation and productivity. The organisation’s emotional culture is strengthened resulting in improved staff presence, leadership effectiveness and talent sustainability.  Peak performance is achieved.

Resilience is not a single skill, it is a combination of skills and coping mechanisms.


It can be built !


Resilience Results offers a unique tool kit to develop the “Roots of Resilience” and create thriving individuals and organisations.


Use The RADIX to Measure and Evaluate Resilience Gaps at the Individual, Group and Organisational Level

Multi-Media Training to Develop Resilience Awareness and Understanding in Individuals, Groups and Leaders

One to One and Team Coaching to Optimise and Re-inforce Resilience Learning

”Talking Therapy” to Restore and Rebuild Resilience in Individuals and Groups

Resilience Results adopts a life span approach to resilience development. Resilient young people become resilient adults: They are our future visionaries, innovators, and leaders.


With this perspective, we aim to develop resilience in individuals at every life stage, thereby providing the benefits of resilience to schools and students today and to employers in the future.


Our original model and approach has been successfully adapted to attain resilience in young people and schools.

Our Lifespan Approach

Analysis | Training | Coaching | Psychotherapy

  • Reduce loss of productivity due to stress by 50%

Resilience Results That Speak for Themselves

  • Individuals are 5 times more likely to enjoy good health
  • Significantly reduce the number of work days lost due to depression and anxiety
  • Provides a 6:1 return on investment in wellbeing at work initiatives
  • Key Fact: In 2011 the CIPD defined “the rise in mental health as the main cause of sickness absence”

Investment in resilience development programmes provides the following benefits: